About HCC


Heritage Covenant Church is a family age integrated Christian church meeting in Weatherford, Texas.

Our vision is to be a congregation of believers where all believers of all ages can come together as one to be encouraged and equipped through the vibrant worship of our Lord.


Our vision is to be a congregation that encourages and facilitates the growth of a strong Christian community that is able to not only support one another in the endeavor to raise Godly generations, but to also work together in supporting one another and bring the Gospel to bear upon the larger communities where we live.


Heritage Covenant Church combines reverent, awe-inspiring worship with real life practical applications of God's word to all of living. HCC, through the power of the Holy Spirit, strives to nourish the soul of the young and the old through weekly worship consisting of vibrant singing, vibrant prayer, the applicable preaching of God's word, and receiving of the Lord's Supper.


Heritage Covenant Church is building Christian community by encouraging Christians to embrace God's word in every facet of life:  family life and practice, in health and nutritional life, in financial stewardship, business as employee or employer, political involvement and activities, in service to our larger communities, in family worship and prayer for others, in celebrating unity through the diversity of callings our Lord has placed upon each one of us.


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Pastor Hurd at 817-401-9155


HCC Statement of Faith

Heritage Covenant Church (HCC) believes that the Bible is God's holy and infallible word and that it is the only rule of faith and life. It is upon this Book that we strive to build our lives, families, and worship. We affirm the Bible to be accurate not only in matters of doctrine but also in history. Therefore, we believe in the literal 24-hour 6-day Creation of the world by God, a young earth and a worldwide flood. The doctrines and convictions of HCC are based on historic Protestant orthodoxy as best summarized in the historic Christian creeds and the reformed confessions.